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LAFD CERT Statistics

  • Month and year the CERT Program was started: June 1986
  • CERT Program conducts the CERT Basic Training Course on average: 70 times a year.
  • Number of CERT classes that have graduated since the program started: 970
  • Number of individuals who have completed CERT Basic Training Course since the program started: 57,000

CERT Refresher

CERT Refresher, Los Angeles

CERT Refresher, Los Angeles
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What is CERT?

If a major earthquake (or any disaster) hits, do you …

  • have enough supplies for a minimum of 72 hours up to an entire month for all family members, including pets?
  • know how to turn off the gas?
  • know how to safely turn off the power?
  • know how to apply first aid?
  • have enough water for all of your family and your pets?
  • have provisions for living outside your home for a length of time if the structure is compromised?

It is important to know, if a major disaster occurs, the LAFD, paramedics, police…WILL NOT COME! They will be deployed FIRST to major incidents such as collapsed buildings. That is why you constantly hear…You MUST be prepared to take care of yourself. In the CERT course they say…“The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People.” When you are trained, you are far more equipped to deal with your circumstances without needing aid from outside sources.

CERT members are trained in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations. You will learn how to prepare for emergencies, what supplies you should NOW have in your house, how much food, how much water but most importantly, how to protect your family in an emergency!

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The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is an all-risk, all-hazard training. This valuable course is designed to help you protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and your neighborhood in an emergency situation.

CERT members receive 17 1/2 hours (one day a week for seven weeks) of initial training.

CERT is provided free of charge within the city of Los Angeles to anyone 18 or over.

Classes are taught year-round, Monday-Friday, morning, afternoon, or evening. We will come to your location. Classes can be held anywhere in the City of Los Angeles. Classes outside of LA City require special preapproval.

For the latest classes, CLICK HERE! to get full information.

To schedule a class for your group, you need a minimum of 20 people to be trained and a location to hold the training. Then call the LAFD Community Emergency Response Team Unit at 213-202-3136.


Get all the latest CERT member news and information regarding your Battalions, Refreshers, Levels 2 & 3 classes, signing up for email updates, and call-outs. You will also be able to read the latest posts from our LAFD CERT Captains and our Coordinators!

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LAFD CERT Headquarters – Latest Articles, Updates, & News!

LAFD CERT & ACS Assist in the 2016 Hollywood Parade – Nov. 27, 2016

As in past years, LAFD CERT and LAFD ACS were happy to provide services to the 2016 Hollywood Parade held November 27th. The crowd was in a very festive mood, and the volunteers were thanked and wished Merry Christmas by those that attended. There were approximately 15 LAFD ACS volunteers and 24 CERT volunteers participating.

Main staging was at Fire Station 27 with the briefing given by Battalion 5 Chief Miyagishima where he alerted the […]

Cyber Attack – Are You Prepared? – Oct. 21, 2016

A major cyber attack hit the East Coast October 21 and spread to the West Coast. Sites like Twitter, Netflix, and VISA were reportedly down. In CERT training we talk about keeping cash on hand in the event of a disaster, but we don’t really talk about it for cyber attacks. What if you can’t access your ATM or bank account? Something to keep in mind. Keep small bills – you may not be […]

Canoga Park Gas Explosion Drill – Aug. 27, 2016

CANOGA PARK, CA. With the recent drama surrounding the Aliso Canyon gas leak in Porter Ranch and reminiscent of the San Bruno gas explosion, the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council and the Valley Bureau CERT Coordinators decided to conduct a full functional drill centered around a gas line explosion.

In preparation for the incident, Grossman Burn Center conducted a Just in Time Training for the CERT members and as the training […]

Non-Discrimination Policy
The LAFD CERT Training only conducts non-discriminatory classes. Non-discrimination includes race, religion, gender, and group affiliations.

As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. For additional information, please contact the Los Angeles Fire Department, Community Emergency Response Team Unit, at 213-202-3136 (Voice), 213-473-7704 (TDD), or email: lafdcert@lacity.org.