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Starting and Maintaining a CERT Program

  Starting and Maintaining a CERT Program (Complete = 1.2 megs)

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Table of Contents
CERT Background Information
CERT Overview
CERT Roles
83 KB
CERT Resources
Special Topics
Meeting the Needs of all Participants
Accommodating Special Needs
Working With Students
Reducing Liability
Organizing CERT Teams
Organizing CERT Communications
Tips for Handling Special Issues
Sample Hold Harmless/Permission Request
Checklist, Samples & Other Resources
Web Links
161 KB
Starting a CERT Program
Step 1:       Assessing Needs
The CERT Role in Your Community
Developing Program Goals
Questions to Get You Started
Tips for Assessing Needs
Community Hazard Analysis: Review Worksheet
87 KB
Step 2:       Identifying Resources
Funding a CERT Program
Ideas for Obtaining CERT Resources
CERT Program Personnel Resources
Tips for Obtaining Resources
CERT Resources Requirements Worksheet
Sample CERT Budget
CERT Program Costs Worksheet
160 KB
Step 3:       Gaining Support and Recruiting
Developing Your Program Strategy
Developing CERT Partnerships
Developing Partnerships Checklist
Marketing CERT
Gaining Support From Local Leaders
Tips for Gaining Support & Recruiting
Marketing Contacts Worksheet
164 KB
Step 4:       Acquiring Training Materials
Building a Fire Pan
Ideas for Obtaining CERT Resources
Tips for Acquiring Training Materials
CERT Resource Requirements Worksheet
104 KB
Step 5:       Tailoring Training
Reviewing the CERT Content
Hiding PowerPoint Visuals
Changing the Master Slide
Reviewing CERT Activities
Updating CERT Materials
Inserting Photos Into PowerPoint
Tips for Using Photographs
Revising the Word Files
Keeping Your Instructors Current
Tips for Tailoring Training
Supplemental Video Materials
Photographs of CERT Training
305 KB
Step 6:       Establishing a Training Cadre
Selecting Instructors
Establishing Instructor Standards
Preparing Instructors
Tips for Establishing a Training Cadre
Sample Instructor Background Questionnaire
86 KB
Step 7:       Delivering Training
Delivering CERT Training
Tips for Delivering CERT Training
Sample Registration Form
Sample Program Flyer
Sample Training Record
Sample Training Evaluation Form
459 KB
Maintaining a CERT Program
Step 1:      Communicating with Volunteers
CERT Communication Techniques
Tips for Communicating With Volunteers
Sample Periodic Evaluation
Sample Newsletter
199 KB
Step 2:       Maintaining Partnerships
Communicating Successes
Tips for Maintaining Partnerships
81 KB
Step 3:       Planning Continuing Training
Planning and Conducting Refresher Training
Tips for Planning Continuing Training
Sample Periodic Evaluation Form
99 KB
Step 4:      Maintaining Records
Maintaining CERT Records
Tips for Maintaining Records
Sample Training Record
Sample Expression of Interest Record
Sample Marketing Contacts Worksheet
Sample Instructor Background Questionnaire
Sample Instructor Record
Sample Registration Form
Sample Training Schedule
146 KB

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