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2004 BICEPP Challenge - LA Teams

On April 4, 2004, the BICEPP ERT Challenge for community teams was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Green Hornets and Palace Guards teams

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Green Hornets and Palace Guards teams! You did an outstanding job. I am very proud of all of you.

Capt. Don Lee
LAFD CERT Coordinator

The two Los Angeles teams chose names that honor special LAFD squads that protected the City of the Angels. Green Hornets team

Green Hornets
1st Place Trophy
Best Overall Team Performance in Medical Aid
Best Overall Team Performance in Triage

Team Members:
Tony Willis, David Bloome, Darren Pitzele, Bill Whitney, Frank Bodeman, Christy Adair, Mercedes Gaitan, Lucy Mally, Hector Alfaro

History of the Team Name:
Squad 23, an extra-manpower company, was put into service on December 1, 1949. Six firemen and a captain responded to structure fires in the large central city area, as well as other major structure fires throughout the city on a special-call basis. Squad 23 was the first company in the city to carry breathing apparatus for all members, allowing them to enter the inside of a burning building and quickly knock down a fire. Those assigned to Squad 23 wore distinctive green helmet frontpieces which led to their name, the Green Hornets, adapted from a popular radio program of the day. The Green Hornets moved to Fire Station 9 in 1960, and were disbanded in June 1966.

Palace Guards team Palace Guards
2nd Place Trophy
Best Overall Team Performance in Search & Rescue

Team Members:
Ralph Ricketson, Tom Wirth, Maria Riley, Oliver Howells, William Robinson, Carol Broder, David Benitez, Alex Alvarado, Perry Garrett, John Enfield

History of the Team Name:
Fire Station 3, at 217 S. Hill Street in downtown Los Angeles, served as the Headquarters for the Los Angeles Fire Department for many years. The firefighters working at Fire Station 3 were, therefore, guarding the department's "palace". Although both Headquarters and Fire Station 3 ultimately relocated to separate facilities, the building with the department's "top brass" occupies is in Fire Station 3's district where they are "first in". For a number of years Truck 3's turntable was imprinted with the words "The Palace Guards", although today the apparatus of Fire Station 3 is letters "Downtown".

Here are the trophies our teams brought home.

BICEPP trophies