Evacuation/Shelter in Place

Whether you decide to stay put in an emergency or evacuate to a safer location, you will need to make plans in advance for yourself, your pets and service animals.

American Red Cross:
Fact Sheet On Shelter-In-Place
Also available in Spanish

Equine Response Team, County of Los Angeles, Department of Animal Care & Control: Recruitment for volunteers 18 years and older.

ERT is a team of specially trained volunteers who provide emergency evacuation and temporary sheltering for horses and livestock in need of evacuation and care. Situations requiring ERT include wildfires; mudslides or other natural disasters; manmade disasters; and the rescue of large numbers of animals from inhuman conditions. Contact us to see how you can help! For more information please email: ERT@animalcare.lacounty.gov

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency:
Taking Shelter from the Storm
Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency:
Long-term in-place sheltering, staying in a mass care shelter

Center for Disability Issues and the Health Professions at Western University of Health Sciences:
Emergency Evacuation Preparedness: Taking Responsibility For Your Safety, A Guide For People with Disabilities and Other Activity Limitations

Emergency Survival Program:
Shelter in Place or Evacuate: That is the Question!