mou·lage (noun \mü-ˈläzh\)
the art of applying mock injuries to simulate real-world experience for emergency medical training

Items to have in moulage kit:
Note: Most come off with soap and water. Get many items at dollar stores, Halloween time is great!

  • Cold cream
  • Plumbers putty – (comes in green) – Works best when you smear into (toward) the skin instead of upward into clumps.
  • Latex glue
  • Denture powder and water
  • Alka-Seltzer – Used for sucking chest wounds
  • Rice – Used for maggots
  • Baby oil
  • Trauma scissors
  • Band-Aids
  • Small syringes
  • Eye liners – brown and black
  • Dropcloths
  • Oatmeal packets

Moulage Kit

Moulage Recipes

Moulage Injuries

Step-by-Step Moulage Instructions 4.74 meg Powerpoint

Broken Leg
Broken Bone (Leg)

  1. Locate area with no skin creases or areas that you bend at.
  2. Smear on latex glue in wide area. Note: Do not allow any clothing to rub area of design.
  3. String out some cotton and stick to glue.
  4. Place fake broken bone piece on glue area. Press down.
  5. Tape around all edges with thin, clear medical-type tape.
  6. Spread plumbers putty around and away from wound edges. Apply thick.
  7. Add thick blood to cotton area.
  8. Add more latex glue on top of putty around the bone area. Make sure it dries (looks clear) before proceeding.
  9. Using a pick tool, make putty look like skin is torn up. This effect takes practice.
  10. Brush on some bruising colors around the edges of the bone and surrounding area.
  11. Add some powder bruise coloring.
  12. Squeeze in thick dark blood.
  13. Spray with a brighter and smoother blood at end.

Neck Cut
Neck Cut

  1. Spread a thick mixture of denture powder and water, make thick enough so it doesn’t drip.
  2. Using tool, make a slit down the center of fake skin buildup for the area showing a cut.
  3. Add bruising around the edges and powder on top.
  4. Work gash wide.
  5. Squeeze in semi-thick liquid blood.
  6. Smear as needed.

Hanging Head Skin
Hanging Head Skin

  1. Much the same as the broken leg. You do not have to tape down the fake piece you use.
  2. Can use liquid latex in center of cuts with insert of a small strand of cotton spread through.
  3. Add thick blood.
  4. Add thin blood.

Stomach Impalement
Stomach Impalement

  1. On stomach area, apply liquid latex glue. Allow to completely dry.
  2. Place impaled object onto skin and tape all edges down with clear thin medical tape.
  3. Intestines used are actually colored oatmeal in a double-wrapped condom. Add latex glue to one side of oatmeal-filled condom. Let dry.
  4. Take this and insert over the impaled object, making sure the glue side of oatmeal will touch the stomach once it is placed over the impaled object.
  5. Spread this in manner of the effect desired.

Face Burn
Face Burn

  1. Add bruising to the face.
  2. Apply tacky thick blood in area with Popsicle stick.
  3. Use ashes from fireplaces to add additional effects over blood. Displays a dirty and charred look.
  4. Add some petroleum jelly to help with shiny look.

Arm Blisters
Arm Blisters

  1. Apply fairly thick liquid latex glue to the arm area, thick enough to work with.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Using a tool, pick up small parts of the latex and roll them back to make it look like it is blistered.
  4. Add blush for burn effects.
  5. Add petroleum jelly under some fake skin to look blistery.
  6. Add ashes sparingly with a Popsicle stick.

Use bruise-colored makeup (comes in powders or solid compact). Apply like women’s makeup using painter-type brushes or make-up pads.

Homemade Vomit
Use a single serving package of hot cereal or oatmeal. Tastes great and looks bad!

Using the bruising colors, take a baby bottlebrush and scrape onto skin area.

Nose Soot
Use black powder makeup on a brush and touch up under nose, mouth and eyes for inhalation effect from smoke or explosions, etc.

Thank you to PrepareMetroKC’s CERT Rodeo in a Box for the video and thank you to Pueblo Emergency Response Team through the Pueblo County Department of Emergency Management for the photos and instructions.