CERT Training Videos

Special Training Videos

START – Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment

Los Angeles CERT Videos

LAFD CERT Head-to-Toe Assessment
LAFD CERT Bandaging and Splinting
LAFD CERT Fire Extinguishers
LAFD CERT Emergency Kits

Citizen Corps Videos

Demonstrating Victim Carries
Disaster Psychology
Fire Safety: The CERT Team Member's Role
CERT in Action
Safety in the After Disaster Environment
Triage: Handling Mass Casualty Situations
Head-to-Toe Assessment
Victim Extrication - Cribbing

Minnesota Department of Health:
Psychological First Aid

Psychological First Aid

CERT Informational Videos – Various

Donations Management Operations
Salvation Army
Donations Management Operations
Goodwill Industries
Volunteer Reception Center

Shelter & Public Health Operations – Various Videos

Mid-America Regional Council:
Training for Volunteers in Disaster Shelters

Universal Precautions
Cultural Sensitivity
Initiating Conversation with Disaster Victims
Managing Conflict
Personal Care Items
Attention Deficit Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Working with Children in a Shelter
Assisting a Deaf Person
Assisting a Blind Person
Mental Health
Body Mechanics
Heimlich Maneuver

Kansas City, MO Health Dept.:
Mass Prophylaxis – Point of Dispensing (POD) Operations

Event Overview
Why We Are Here
Incident Command System
Facility Layout
Individual Station Training

Alameda County, CA Health Dept.:
Mass Prophylaxis – Point of Dispensing (POD) Operations

Operations (Vaccination)
Logistics (Vaccination)
Operations Clinical Staff (Vaccination)