Welcome to the launch of the totally overhauled and spiffed up CERT-LA website. Countless hours have gone into the design and updating of the site, and we are excited to share with you the revised content and strategy behind it. The website now works better on mobile devices, such as your mobile phone or tablet. However, the most impactful part is that this will now be a way to have an ongoing communication between all the LA CERT volunteers and the LAFD CERT unit to share news, announcements, upcoming events and to learn just who is who in the CERT unit of Los Angeles.

First, for those in Los Angeles, we have a section just for you. That would be “LAFD CERT.” The newest addition to the website is this LAFD CERT BLOG, (actually, if you are reading this, then “You are Here”). In this section you will find ongoing and timely articles from the LAFD CERT Captains and Bureau Coordinators & Battalion Coordinators and special guest writers. You will also find links to important documents, lists of LAFD CERT required and optional equipment, where to purchase the LAFD CERT uniform, the CERT Calendar, and a list of all the LAFD CERT Battalions & contacts. We even have a full page of links to all the CERT-LA social media sites.

The other parts of the website have content to help you review your CERT fundamentals and training along with a lot of other information regarding natural disasters and specific disaster preparedness. Forms, we got FORMS! We hope you will share this website with your family, friends and co-workers as it has critical information that will help them understand how important disaster and emergency preparedness can be.