Call-Out Team Registration

Register online for the Call-Out Team!

There is one Call-Out Team for the City. This gives everyone equal opportunity to respond.

CERT members will not self-dispatch to any incident. Only the CERT Call-Out Teams that are requested by the LAFD may respond.

LAFD ALERT Messages (email, Twitter, radio etc.) are not official instructions or authorization to take action.

Call-Out Team members will receive notice of the call-out from the automated call-out system.

Effective 03/20/16: Each Call-Out Team member shall (in this order):

  1. Have completed CERT Basic training
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Have a Volunteer Enrollment Form on file.
  4. Have a signed copy of LAFD Volunteer Acknowledgement of Policies on file.
  5. Sign up online on the form on this page.
  6. Complete:
  7. Have completed the “Call Out Team Training” class presented twice a year. To be able to drive one of the LAFD vehicles, you must have completed the DVOC Training.
  8. Submit your certificates for review and acceptance.
  9. If you are accepted, submit to a live scan and pass a background check.
  10. Please fax a copy of your certificates to 213-202-3187, or scan them (PDF only) and email to
  11. Be sworn in as a Disaster Service Worker.

Use the form below to sign up for the Call-Out Team:

Fill this form out again if you have any changes to your phone numbers or email addresses.

Remember to Download:

Call-Out Registration Form

I have read and will comply with the Call-Out Procedure:*
I have read and will comply with the LAFD CERT Code of Conduct.:*
I have read and will comply with the At-Will Agreement: "I understand that appointment as a volunteer is an "at will" status; and the City or Department is free to discharge me "for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all," and I am equally free to quit, or otherwise cease volunteer work at any time. Upon separation from the Volunteer Program, ID card and any items issued must be immediately returned to the LAFD.":*
Month Trained:*
Year Trained:*
Where was your training: (Where did you take the basic CERT training? Specific location. If from another CERT program, please enter the city.)*
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Personal Cell Phone:
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